400 Club

The 400 Club is our annual raffle which consist of 12 cash prizes and 2 early birds drawing of tickets paid in full within the first two months after availability.  The prizes range from a 1st prize of $10,000 and reduces to $250.  This is more than just a raffle, its a full day of family fun.  The 400 Club is open to the public with a donation of $100.00 you are entitled to attend the function, bring a guest and enter the drawing.  The annual date is the first Saturday after Labor Day and begins at 1 PM. The offering is entertainment, a buffet style serving of a variety of foods, salads and desert.  An open bar of beer, wine, water and soda is available from 1 PM to 5 PM.  Cocktails are available for the low cost of $2.00 per drink. The drawing is held at 4 PM promptly but party will continue until 5 PM.  Tickets become available in mid to late May so secure yours early, they go quickly.

Only 400 tickets are sold, hence 400 Club.

The 2016 schedule is Sept. 10th.

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